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Havas Health houses Havas Life (formerly Euro RSCG Life), Health4Brands (H4B), and Havas Lynx, three wholly owned health and wellness communication networks, and defines policies and processes for the global group. See why we have the talent, tenacity, and technology that companies, brands, and people need to thrive in today's world.



Each global Havas Health network has a distinct flavor, but they all share one unified model. This approach gives everyone access to the processes and specialized resources that put brands first and keep customers satisfied.


Havas Life

Aligning more than 60 health-focused agencies into a network with 2000 employees around the world, Havas Life offers advertising/promotion, PR, med ed, digital marketing, managed markets, DTC/DTP, B2B, and consulting services.



A micro-network with global reach, H4B maintains offices in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. The network maximizes client touchpoints by leveraging a full suite of services, including advertising, PR, med ed, and digital.


Havas Lynx

A brilliant partnership between two of the most awarded digitally led agencies in the world, Lynx is focused on the next era in health, with offices in New York, Manchester, and London.


About us

In a fast-moving world, you can't follow change; you've got to be the change.


    "Every day is a new story, a new chapter, a new adventure. Great thinking and good work
    are rewarded."

    Donna Murphy

    Global CEO, Partner
  • Donna Murphy Donna Murphy Global CEO, Partner
    Jeff Hoffman Jeff Hoffman Chief Development Officer, Partner
    Ed Stapor Ed Stapor Global Brand Director, Partner
    Julie Monroid Julie Monroid Chief Strategy Officer, Partner
    Larry Mickelberg Larry Mickelberg Chief Digital Officer, Partner
    Charles Houdoux Charles Houdoux CEO APAC, Global Brand Director, Partner


News, Updates, & Publications

The Prosumer Report Blog

New study from Havas WW reveals divergent attitudes toward body image and health.

Health & Wellness

A look at the radically changed relationship between humans and their health, thanks to longer lifespans, increased knowledge, and new tools and technologies.

This Digital Life

Insights into the new realities of modern-day life and the extent to which the world has changed socially, politically, and economically—and how people are reacting to those changes.

  • Havas Health

    Dec 02

    This week we officially kicked off the Havas Health Fellowship Program. After a lively Q&A with Marian Salzman, CEO of Havas PR, the Fellows had a chance to share their experiences and get to know each other over dinner. H4B Chelsea H4B Catapult H4B Boston Havas PR US Havas Worldwide Strat Farm Havas Life New York Havas Life Metro Havas Health Havas Lynx US


Whoever we are, whatever we do, or wherever
we live, we all aspire to achieve a superior
experience in life and in work.



Modern. Savvy. Connected. Tenacious.

We are a diverse group with one common goal: to create the best possible experiences through the work we do—and in the lives we lead.

Greater good

Corporate Social Responsibility

We're in the business of health and wellness, so helping others through support, education, and otherwise is intrinsic to our work. Here are some ways we're actively involved in making a better world.

Havas Health houses Havas Life (formerly known as Euro RSCG Life), Health4Brands (H4B), and Havas Lynx, three wholly-owned health and wellness communication networks, and defines policies and processes for the global group.